Growth may be optional but at the heart of real, personal transformation is growth.                                   

In order to transform into the best version of ourselves, we must be ready, willing and able to grow. 

My signature course, “Think Big, Start Small: How to Thrive in Life, Love & Career®”, was created for the woman who is “sick and tired of being sick and tired” and ready to change course. We survived 2020 and it’s 2021 and we  must remain hopeful that—along with the searing pain of isolation—this year brings about the clarity and vision we’ve never before experienced.                                                                                        

However, in order for that to happen we must be willing to GROW. 

The “Think Big, Start Small: How to Thrive in Life, Love & Career®” transformational course is for you if and when- 

·      You’re ready to set attainable goals and then get measurable results

·      You’re ready to break repetitive, unproductive life cycles by mastering your mindset 

·      You have real dreams you’re ready to achieve and you’re willing to bust your butt until you achieve them! 

The core objectives of this course are-

  1. To get you on the road to transformation by breaking old cycles and destructive

habits which only produce and perpetuate stagnation. 

  1. Master your Mindset- the Dez-Three-Sixty Way!
  2. Upgrade to your 2.0 self

Ask yourself the following:

→ Have you been spending hours and hours pondering upon how manifestation works, or why it hasn’t worked for you just yet - even though you have looked at your vision board and said your affirmations in front of the mirror every single day?

→ Do you have big dreams and a strong inner knowing that you are meant for more, but find yourself holding back when it comes to taking the aligned action steps… because you doubt yourself? 

 → Do you want to show up for what you believe in & feel passionate about with calm confidence?

→ Are you done playing small, people-pleasing, overthinking and second-guessing yourself? 

→ Do you want to let go of old stories and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from tapping into your full power to create magic for yourself?

→ Do you want to level up your mind and learn to embody your highest self in order to live the life you WANT and DESERVE to live?

Are you feeling…








An imbalanced life 




Lack of self confidence

Fear of failure or of the unknown


If you can create the ideal life balance

If you can fill all the roles you play as wife, mother, and in your career without losing yourself

If you can ever achieve self-actualization 

Then it's time to start THRIVING!

Want to start small?

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Hi, I’m your Transformational Coach, Diseree M. Clay (Dez)!

Low self-esteem, abortions, molestation, prostitution, homelessness, divorce and single parenting have given Diseree Clay a front row seat in the classroom of hopelessness. With the help of God, she refused to give in to her circumstances. Determined not to quit and understanding that surviving hard times breeds resilience, she graduated from Grambling State University with a B.S. in Education and from Louisiana Tech University with a M.A. in Guidance and Counseling.

Committed to being the change she wants to see, Diseree became a transformational educator teaching K-12 for 10 years. Knowing there was more to her assignment of making a difference, this Chicago native is also an inspirational author, workshop facilitator, empowering speaker and passionate advocate for girls/young women. She is also a member of the John Maxwell Team.

She transitioned from being a transformational educator to a Transformational Coach that provide women the tools necessary to change their mindset and behavior from “lack to abundance” through online courses, masterminds, and coaching. Why? Because she believes, "There are too many broken girls living inside the bodies of women who are perpetuating brokenness in every area. This has to stop. There has to be a solution. So, it’s my belief that if God brings you and your problem to me, then I hold that solution. I create, nurture and transform."